Gaia news | 19.03.2020

Pathway to below 2 degrees is both possible and profitable: Case Kemira

In February Kemira published its new 2030 target and set their ambition to be carbon neutral by 2045. The target was based on a very rigorous assessment of options and assessing the costs and benefits of each. In addition to profitability, one of the drivers for this assessment was to meet the expectations of customers, investors and other stakeholders and provide them with more thorough answers. To find out what lies behind the targets we asked Kemira’s Sustainability Director Rasmus Valanko how the project was carried out.

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Gaia news | 17.03.2020

Safety first, yet we make every effort to keep the wheels turning

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic can still be controlled. We at Gaia play our part in the response. Health and safety are on top of our agenda, and we follow the national and local instructions. At the same time, we make every effort to keep the wheels turning, and commit to help our clients to make the world cleaner and safer.

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Gaia news | 11.02.2020

Gaia will prepare the impact assessment of the Maritime Spatial Plans

The impact assessment of Maritime Spatial Plan drafts is about to begin. Plans are drafted for three planning areas: The Gulf of Finland, Archipelago Sea and Southern sea of Bothnia as well as the Northern Bothnian Sea, Quark and Bothnian Bay. The impact assessment will be conducted by Gaia Consulting Oy with WSP Finland as its subcontractor.

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Gaia news | 17.12.2019

Business change is driven by responsibility – facts support and stories fuel

Responsibility is rapidly becoming a key element of corporate strategy and business-making. Data, analyzes and impact calculations provide the basis for decisions, but successful change management requires stories that motivate, resonate with and are identified by stakeholders. Now that Johanna Lähteenmäki, a senior communications expert, joins the team, communications is an integrated element of Gaia’s customer services, and make sustainable business a better business.

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Gaia news | 13.11.2019

Gaia names new partners

Mikko Halonen, Julia Illman, and Lauri Larvus have become shareholders at Gaia Group Oy. All three are staff members, valuable team players at Gaia, and profoundly committed to the long-term development of Gaia. "“We are committed to professionalism, work to earn credibility and must be able to offer continuity."

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Pasi Rinne, Chairman of Gaia Group, argues why Finland is fit & ready for circular economy. Video recorded Jan 27, 2016 at a seminar hosted by The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Gaia's improved cook stove project generates results in Ethiopia

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