Gaia news | 08.06.2020

Relex helps its clients to create impact

Relex Solutions knew that the solutions they provide help clients to reduce their carbon footprint, but gaining a better understanding of the actual scale of the positive impact motivated them to calculate their carbon handprint. We asked Johanna Småros, the co-founder of RELEX for her thoughts on the future of sustainable solutions and technology with purpose.

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Gaia news | 04.05.2020

Erkki Izarra joins as a Senior Advisor

Sustainability is already a vital ingredient of the world’s leading brands. While laws get stricter, journalists sharpen pens, consumers become demanding, and the marketing departments within companies need something to tell. Thus, the demand for business-critical sustainability consultancy is bigger than ever.

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Gaia news | 19.03.2020

Pathway to below 2 degrees is both possible and profitable: Case Kemira

In February Kemira published its new 2030 target and set their ambition to be carbon neutral by 2045. The target was based on a very rigorous assessment of options and assessing the costs and benefits of each. In addition to profitability, one of the drivers for this assessment was to meet the expectations of customers, investors and other stakeholders and provide them with more thorough answers. To find out what lies behind the targets we asked Kemira’s Sustainability Director Rasmus Valanko how the project was carried out.

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Pasi Rinne, Chairman of Gaia Group, argues why Finland is fit & ready for circular economy. Video recorded Jan 27, 2016 at a seminar hosted by The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

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