Science develops the body of knowledge and innovations critical for solutions to global challenges.

Universities, other higher education and research institutes improve the effectiveness of research, produce innovations and accelerate the commercialization of sustainable solutions. Our global challenges cannot be solved without securing the financial continuity of research and directing active interaction with public and private networks.

Our expertise

Gaia has extensive experience in various aspects of innovation and science policy. For example, we provide research actors with help with strategy work and evaluating the effectiveness of its implementation. Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of the tacit requirements of different financiers.

Our services

Gaia’s experts help educational and research institutions respond to changing financial requirements. We prepare financial and interaction plans and bring together a variety of public and corporate players from diverse networks. We carry out research-supporting studies and co-development processes that meet the non-research demands of EU funding.

As an independent actor, we are a trustworthy partner for evaluating, for example, the impact of research projects and the potential for innovation. We connect researchers with the right partners, initiate collaboration partnerships and help design the interaction processes. We have also analyzed the national and international market potential of various solutions and developed pathways for accelerated commercialization.

Customer case

Ministry of Education and Culture

Evaluation of the competitive funding to strengthen university profiles

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Customer case

Tekes & Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Public research infrastructures and innovation platforms used by the private sector

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Industry & Technology

Ylva Gilbert


More impact, less harm!

There are huge challenges ahead if we want to hit the SDG targets within the next ten years. The only way to overcome these challenges is by harnessing the power of industry.

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Universities & Research

Mari Hjelt


Out of the blue – agenda for research and knowledge in blue bioeconomy (in Finnish)

Vesi ja uusiutuvat vesiluonnonvarat ovat yksi yhteisen tulevaisuutemme elinehto. Makean veden tarpeen on ennustettu globaalisti kasvavan nykyisestä 30% vuoteen 2030 mennessä ja tehokkaampi merialueiden käyttö ruoan tuotannossa on yksi potentiaalisimmasta keinoista taata ruokaa kaikille. Vesi voi toimia Suomen osalta myös merkittävänä kasvun vauhdittajana.

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Science policy, evaluations

Nordic collaboration

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Leading Consultant

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