Public sector can lead the way in solving global sustainability challenges

Strong public sector vision and progressive market-shaping policies can enforce sustainable development and halt climate change. Wise decisions and future planning require support from experts from different fields and diverse dialogue among all actors of the society.

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Gaia has decades of experience in consulting ministries and agencies and from collaboration with regional government. Majority of our clients represent the Finnish public sector, but we also work closely with international organizations and national administration from multiple European and Nordic countries.

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We carry out demanding policy analyses, facilitate stakeholder, strategy and future processes, and produce high quality evaluations. Our expertise is particularly strong in the areas of sustainable development, natural resources, climate change, environmental policy, energy policy, innovation and science policy.

Customer case

Business Finland

A case study on innovation ecosystems in a sustainable bioeconomy in Finland

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Customer case

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Research- and knowledge strategy of blue bioeconomy

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Public Sector

Mikko Halonen


Reconnect with nature – are you trying to be funny?

Reconnecting with nature sounds bizarre, tempting and yet contradictory – almost like fresh frozen, friendly fire….. . Aren´t we part of nature – how arrogant can we be, imagining that we would somehow be outside or above nature? But simultaneously, if my generation cannot find the “way back to the garden” as Joni Mitchell used to sing, and prevent our kids to get detached from the miracles of the nature from the start, I tell you we are heading for trouble.

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Public Sector

Gaia pressroom


Growth and employment from sustainable solutions (in Finnish)

Moni kansainvälisesti menestyvä suomalaisyritys rakentaa liiketoimintansa puhtaiden ratkaisujen ja luonnonvaroista luodun lisäarvon varaan - lukeutuu siis biotalouden, cleantechin ja kiertotalouden yrityksiin. Kaikkien yritysten liikevaihdosta Suomessa nämä yritykset kattavat noin viidenneksen ja viennistä jopa puolet. Näiden alojen kasvun ja työn dynamiikka on siis Suomelle erittäin keskeistä.

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