Sustainability offers new business opportunities for technologies, products and services

Industry and technology branches have a key role in providing solutions for issues related to climate change, environment, resource efficiency and circular economy. There is a growing demand for sustainable solutions in the B2B market.

Our expertise

Gaia understands the innovative power and dynamics of business networks and cooperation as well as the vast opportunities in digitalisation, automatisation and technology. Our team has a strong track record in designing and implementing forward-looking approaches into business processes. We strive to provide our customers with concrete competitive advantage from sustainability.

Our services

In industry and technology, Gaia has proven the value of highly qualified multidisciplinary expertise in building and coordinating business networks which explore added value in joint R&D, sales, logistics and other business processes. Gaia’s studies support growth, better positioning and new customer value in international markets. Our services develop preconditions and assets for efficient, sustainable and profitable investments as well as safe working conditions, products and services. In addition, Gaia assists companies in understanding and reporting their societal impacts and value creation.

Customer case

Eckerö Line

Defining corporate responsibility themes for creating a corporate responsibility action plan

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Customer case

Latitude 66 Cobalt Oy

Pre-consultation for an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

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Customer case

Valmet Oyj

Eco-efficiency Impacts of Valmet’s Products and Services

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Industry & Technology

Solveig Roschier


Data on CO2 emission reductions available from JRC

There is a lot of talk about reducing CO2 emissions but much less data available and used to back these discussions. The European Commission Joint Research Center JRC Ispra (Italy) air quality laboratory is an ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) Class 2 Atmospheric Station and it has been benchmarking the impact of policies on air quality and climate change for more than 30 years.

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Antti Pitkämäki


Are lithium-ion batteries safe for everyday use? (in Finnish)

Nykyään joka kotitaloudesta ja työpaikalta löytyy useita litiumioniakkuja hyödyntäviä laitteita, kuten kannettavia tietokoneita, kännyköitä ja tabletteja. Li-akut saavat arkemme pyörimään ja työn sujumaan, mutta millaisia riskejä niihin liittyy?

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Industry & Technology

Pasi Rinne


Dialogue is the key for preventing environmental conflicts (in Finnish)

Luonnonvarojen hyödyntämiseen liittyvät ristiriidat voivat pahimmillaan kärjistyä konflikteiksi. Konflikteja voi syntyä esimerkiksi maankäyttöön, metsävarojen hyödyntämiseen, kalastukseen, kaivosteollisuuteen, tuulivoimaan tai kaupunkisuunnitteluun liittyvissä hankkeissa.

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Industry & Technology

Gaia pressroom


Future of circular economy is pure chemistry

We take carbon from ground and emit it into air. Our food crops take phosphorus and nitrogen from soil and eventually they end via consumption and waste waters into our water bodies. We extract aluminium and copper from rock for our devices, just to let them accumulate into soils under our landfills.

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