Sustainable allocation of finance drives change for better

Sustainable allocation of finances is trending globally. Investors must assess companies, projects and people thoroughly against sustainability criteria. Sustainable finance can be the answer to new demand, and it can also drive consumption and production to a cleaner and safer direction.

Our expertise

Gaia has supported the financial sector in integrating sustainability into decision-making processes. Gaia’s expertise enables clients to understand risks and opportunities to model and price their impacts. This facilitates better risk management and responsiveness to change. Our research also aims to identify new business opportunities through sustainability and to secure and increase returns. This creates a perfect base for growth.

Our services

We have helped various financial sector companies in developing their overall approach to sustainability and ESG. Our work has included strategic support, drafting of investment policies (e.g. responsible investment), target setting and meeting disclosure requirements – for example for the TCFD and CDP reporting frameworks.
We also offer services for managing and screening assets and investments against sustainability criteria. Gaia has facilitated extensive dialogue processes to identify sources for improving the sustainability of investments and to comply with requirements. We have expertise in impact investing and conducting detailed analyses on societal impacts, including the valuation of our clients’ economic impacts.

Customer case

Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company

Low carbon investment benchmarking

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Customer case

Taaleri Oyj

Developing Taaleri’s corporate responsibility

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Customer case

Sampo Oyj

Development of ESG practices and reporting

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Gaia pressroom


Why investors should prepare for climatic risks of their real estate assets

The built environment is of utter importance to decarbonize – ahead of other sectors – in order to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees. Consequently, climate change is becoming a central theme within the financial industry. Meanwhile, a considerable and increasing share of our buildings are exposed to various climate-related risks.

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Mikko Halonen


The financial sector is only half awake with the advancing impacts of climate change

The multiple impacts of climate change are being felt in the global economy with increasing force and through a number of interconnected pathways. The approach chosen by Finnish actors in the financial sector to date, have generally been reactive and defensive - consisting mainly of carbon footprint assessments and occasional divestments from fossil based assets.

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