Unforeseen opportunities are emerging in emerging markets

In emerging markets, opportunities for economic growth, urbanization and thriving societies meet the immediate impacts of climate change.

The ever-growing demand for food, water, energy and infrastructure provides an unprecedented market for sustainability solutions. This is an enormous opportunity for innovative finance instruments that mobilize private funding for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and scalable business solutions for sustainability.

Our expertise

Gaia possesses a unique and profound understanding of the development context, the urgency of development needs and the frameworks governing development cooperation.

Our track-record of designing innovative business models, finance instruments and private sector partnerships suited for emerging markets make Gaia one of the very best consultancies for corporations, finance institutions and international organizations aiming to expand and make a difference in emerging markets.

Our services

We work especially with international organizations, finance institutions and corporations. We provide services related to climate finance, blended finance, impact investment and results-based finance instruments. We have analysed regional market opportunities and carried out go-to-market studies.

Our team has also supported business partnership development and business model design by creating strategic business roadmaps for emerging markets.

Customer case

Nordic Climate Facility (NCF)

Clean Energy Promotion through microfinance

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Customer case

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland

National roadmap for upscaling SDG funding

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Developing Markets

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Large-scale agricultural production shapes productivity in Africa

When travelling across southern and eastern Africa, it is evident that farming is a critical livelihood for people, yet there is plenty of room for improvement in productivity and efficiency of land use. Together with global population growth and increasing consumption, sustainable ways for increasing agricultural production are desperately needed.

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Developing Markets

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Holiday destinations under development

In tourism, Africa is on the path to become the next Thailand. African tourism industry provides an opportunity for substantial revenues through reasonable investments, with a potential for significant development impacts. The Dqae Qare San Lodge in Western Botswana and Liquid Dive Adventures resort in Mozambique perfectly exemplify how tourism can create real local impacts.

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Developing Markets

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How to finance the SDGs, part 3: Build a bridge

So, here’s what have we learned so far: We have recognized the massive SDG funding gap. We know there are investors hunting for yield and hungry for impact. We also know there is an aid community fiercely working for a better and more equal world, simultaneously stunned by the fact that their efforts alone will not be enough. What do we need to bridge the gap?

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