Sustainability brings competitive advantage

Rising consumer awareness affects both markets and investors. At the same time, political decisions are putting a price tag on emissions. Both developments have a strong impact on the future business environment.

Our expertise

Our expertise covers the whole value chain of consumer goods and services, from raw materials and primary production to retail and recycling. We have strong experience in the fashion, clothing, textile, cosmetic, furniture, design, food, and packaging industries.

Gaia helps companies to address various sustainability issues and to include corporate social responsibility into strategic decision-making. Our experts provide valuable information by conducting materiality analyses, CO2 calculations, life cycle assessments and impact analyses.

Our services

With Gaia, companies are able to gain competitive advantage by predicting changes in their operational environment and by identifying new opportunities. We produce insights that help companies direct R&D efforts and improve business efficiency. As an independent expert, we are also well positioned to calculate and validate the impact and sustainability benefits of your offering.

Our team has guided consumer-oriented companies in embedding sustainability attributes into sales, marketing and communication. We can also help you turn your sustainability results into compelling marketing and sales with the help of skilled visualization and communication. As an experienced facilitator, we are ready to engage your key suppliers, producers, retailers and other stakeholders in building added value for the whole value chain.

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Eckerö Line

Defining corporate responsibility themes for creating a corporate responsibility action plan

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Customer case

Kesko Oyj

Circular economy strategy

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Susanna Sepponen


How to boost the circular transition in the Nordics

The Nordic countries have already - separately and together - launched a great deal of actions to speed up the transition towards resource-wise societies. I am sure that many share the strong sense of momentum and expectations on how the Nordics could do even more to release the untapped circularity-potential that our study had found in many areas.

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Gaia pressroom


Food security is a complex sustainability issue

This year, the definition of food security celebrates 20 years. The World Food Summit in 1996 defined that food security exists "when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life".

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Designing circular economy

Can we generate products, materials and services efficiently by minimizing the use of raw materials and by decreasing losses and low-value side streams? How well and how long does a product or material serve in its intended function and what kind of impacts does it have during its lifetime? How about after its life cycle? Can it be reused? Is it economically viable to repair? Can it be easily recycled? Can different materials and parts of the product be recovered cost-effectively?

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Small can be big when it comes to responsibility

Responsible business is a necessity for any company that wants to be a forerunner. Responsibility is worth reporting, and it is useful to partner with experts when compiling such reports.

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