Customer case

Tieto Oy

Socio-economic impact valuation – case data driven health

Project duration: 4/2018-11/2018
Management: Ulla Heinonen, Lauri Larvus, Markus Klimscheffskij
Location: Helsinki

Project goal

Tieto’s solution for preventive healthcare has significant impacts on the total healthcare cost and expected days of absence due to illnesses. The aim of the study was to understand the magnitude of the resulting societal impacts

Gaia's role

Gaia conducted an impact valuation analysis for quantifying the impacts of the customer’s solution by utilizing methodology according to the Social Capital Protocol. Impacts considered consisted of cost savings for the society from decreased overall healthcare costs, decreased days of absence from work and increased life satisfaction and longevity.

The result

The work feeds into Tieto’s stakeholder work and is used to demonstrate the possible impacts of data driven healthcare on the total financial and social wellbeing.