Customer case

Kojamo Oyj

Facilitating, initiating and scoping of an open innovation process and co-creation platform

Project duration: 6/2018 – 12/2018 (on-going)
Management: Tommi Lampikoski, Lauri Larvus
Location: Finland

Project goal

The aim is to establish know-how and expertise within Kojamo to enable adoptation, organization and further development of the innovation process aligned with Kojamo’s core business. The project work should also result in concrete innovations (outside-in), and not only ideas for further development and refinement in Kojamo’s commercialization pipeline. Project should also provide material for stakeholder relations and communication.

Gaia's role

Gaia’s role is to facilitate defining the innovation process, set up the co-creation platform, facilitate co-creation and engage internal and external stakeholders in the process. Gaia ensures a smooth transition of the collaboration model for key Kojamo’s experts.

The result

Described innovation process, co-creation platform and established know-how on managing innovation process as part of Kojamo’s core business. As an impact the project will bring enriching and life changing innovations for Kojamo’s customers.

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Business Manager

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