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Fortum Oyj

Puro - CO2 Removal Marketplace

Project duration: 3/2018 – 4/2018
Management: Juha Vanhanen, Markus Klimscheffskij, Anna Laine
Location: EU

Project goal

The aim of the project was to develop a voluntary mechanism for climate change mitigation based on permanent carbon sinks and to create a market place for verified CO2 removals. The project was a pilot project financed by Fortum’s internal venturing program.

Gaia's role

Gaia’s task was to develop general rules for the CO2 removal certificate system and trading as well as develop verification methodology for three different carbon sink solutions (biochar, carbonated building elements and wooden building elements)

The result

The project resulted in the world’s first marketplace for verified CO2 removals. See details in

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