Customer case

Fingrid Ltd.

The effects of power-based pricing on consumption-side customer groups

Project duration: 2/2018 – 5/2018
Management: Juha Vanhanen and Markus Klimscheffskij
Location: Finland

Project goal

The cost structure of a TSO is power-based, but the current tariff of the Finnish TSO (Fingrid) is consumption-based. Fingrid wanted to identify the most potential options for consumption-based power tariffs and evaluate their risks and practical implementation.

Gaia's role

Gaia produced a benchmark- analysis on relevant experiences from other countries (>20) and analyzed the suitability of different models to Fingrid. 5 most potential models were identified followed by an assessment of risks and practical implementation. Gaia also created a tool to simulate the effects of selected power pricing models on the fees of each of the TSO’s customers.

The result

The project supported Fingrid’s ongoing evaluation on transmission tariffs and responded to the requests of the national Smart Grid Working Group

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