Customer case


Impact Sales

Project duration: 10/2018-12/2018
Management: Pekka Pokela and Markus Klimscheffskij
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Project goal

The work aimed at valuating the economic, environmental and societal impacts of the client’s system for food related resource planning, which are realized e.g. through minimizing food waste and optimizing nutrition. Another aim was to produce material for the client’s marketing and responsibility communication as well as highlight new sales arguments for responsibility.

Gaia's role

In collaboration with the client, Gaia modelled the main impact pathways, collected data and performed the necessary calculations.

The result

Based on the results of the impact valuation, the client is able to demonstrate the environmental and societal value of the system to its clients. The work also contributed in the communications material of the client and boosted the image of the system compared to its competitors. The client also received input, which can guide significant and impactful developmental actions.