Customer case

Tieto Oy

The impact of demand flexibility solutions in the decarbonization of the electricity system

Project duration: 12/2018-2/2019
Management: Lauri Larvus, Markus Klimscheffskij
Location: Helsinki

Project goal

Tieto’s Distributed Energy Solution (DES) combines a large number of individual electricity demand flexibility solutions into a single entity, which operates as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and provides balancing services for the grid.

Gaia's role

By utilizing the methodology according to the Social Capital Protocol Gaia performed an impact assessment of DES on CO2 emissions in both today’s and future electricity system. The study quantified saved emissions in today’s system by assuming replacement of the current power balancing capacity with demand flexibility and in future system through increasing the possible RE grid intregration level.

The result

The work feeds into Tieto’s stakeholder and sales work and is used to demonstrate the possible impacts of demand flexibility on total CO2 emissions today and in the future.