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What is the Gaia Carbon Neutral label?


The Gaia Carbon Neutral label is used to verify carbon neutral organizations, products, and services. The label is backed by strict science-based criteria and international standards, with a focus on emission reductions and continuous improvement. With almost 30 years of experience, Gaia is a trusted, independent third-party partner for carbon neutrality.

The world is going carbon neutral. Join our group of climate pioneers.


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How to get the Gaia Carbon Neutral label

Our carbon neutral partners

Think sparkling wine – Vindirekt Finland

Vindirekt’s organic sparkling wine Think was the first to receive the Gaia Carbon Neutral label.

Vindirekt is a responsible wine importer that works closely with their Italian winery on climate issues.

Gaia validated the product’s carbon footprint assessment, emission reduction measures, and offsetting carried out by Vindirekt.

Taika cosmetics series – Transmeri

Transmeri’s TAIKA cosmetics brand is a series of Finnish, climate neutral, and vegan natural cosmetics.

Transmeri aims to continuously improve its operations to minimize the climate impact of the series, and offset the remaining emissions.

Gaia supports Transmeri in assessing and verifying the carbon footprint of the products, in defining emission reduction measures, and in carrying out truly additional emission offsetting.

Borenius is a Finnish corporate law firm. As part of its wider sustainability developments, the organisation has become carbon neutral in 2022.

Gaia helped Borenius by calculating the organisation’s carbon footprint, creating a carbon roadmap to reduce emissions and developing an offsetting plan.

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Why go carbon neutral?

The climate needs us all

Stakeholders, from customers to investors to employees, are holding organisations accountable on sustainability. The Gaia Carbon Neutral label is an easy, reliable, and transparent way to showcase your organisation’s climate commitment.


Be prepared for change

Carbon neutral products and services can help consumers make truly sustainable choices, while minimising business risks from climate change or other changes in the operating environment.


Stronger for the future

Carbon neutrality can translate to increased brand value and loyalty, a stronger competitive advantage and in turn, sustainable business growth and increased profitability.

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Leading industry experts

With Gaia, carbon neutrality is easy and reliable. Our experts have nearly 30 years of experience in sustainable business, as well as a deep understanding of how to achieve carbon neutrality. We help organisations assess their climate impact, identify cost-effective ways to reduce emissions, and offset sustainably.


Guaranteed carbon neutral

The Gaia Carbon Neutral label ensures robust verification for carbon neutrality. We require a detailed carbon footprint calculation, with carbon neutrality achieved primarily through emission reductions. Offsets must be truly additional and used as a secondary option and yearly audits ensure continuous improvement.


Transparency and science first

Our methods are based on science and international standards. The Gaia Carbon Neutral label is backed by a clear and open process that is regularly updated.

Independent Nordic verifier

We are a trusted third-party partner for organisations looking to become carbon neutral. As independent experts, we support you at every step of the process to carbon neutral.


How to use the Gaia Carbon Neutral label


  • On products and packaging
  • In service descriptions
  • On your organisation’s website
  • In sustainability reporting and other digital communications and stakeholder materials
  • In digital marketing channels and materials, including social media and newsletters
  • In printed marketing and communications materials
  • In sales materials
  • At events, industry conferences and in other displays


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