Lauri Larvus


Co-creating business value from sustainability

Global brand owners, retailers, industrial companies and their suppliers are growing their businesses through introducing sustainable and innovative solutions to the market – and they are doing it together. It is clear that more value for business and improved customer experience can be generated through sustainability.

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Financial Services

Gaia pressroom


Why investors should prepare for climatic risks of their real estate assets

The built environment is of utter importance to decarbonize – ahead of other sectors – in order to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees. Consequently, climate change is becoming a central theme within the financial industry. Meanwhile, a considerable and increasing share of our buildings are exposed to various climate-related risks.

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Universities & Research

Mari Hjelt


Out of the blue – agenda for research and knowledge in blue bioeconomy (in Finnish)

Vesi ja uusiutuvat vesiluonnonvarat ovat yksi yhteisen tulevaisuutemme elinehto. Makean veden tarpeen on ennustettu globaalisti kasvavan nykyisestä 30% vuoteen 2030 mennessä ja tehokkaampi merialueiden käyttö ruoan tuotannossa on yksi potentiaalisimmasta keinoista taata ruokaa kaikille. Vesi voi toimia Suomen osalta myös merkittävänä kasvun vauhdittajana.

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Public Sector

Päivi Luoma


Forerunner of smart and clean solutions in the international markets (in Finnish)

Suomessa on paljon sellaista osaamista, jota yhdistämällä syntyy innovatiivisia ratkaisuja esimerkiksi energiankulutuksen ja jätteen vähentämiseen tai kulutuksen muuttamiseen tuotteista palveluiksi. Meiltä löytyy paljon esimerkkejä yrityksistä, jotka ovat jo omilla aloillaan maailman halutuimpia kumppaneita vaativillekin asiakkaille.

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Pasi Rinne


A one hundred billion euro journey

The more we know about the speed of climate change, the harder it is to believe that we can cut our emissions fast enough. But it is possible. We can curb climate change.

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Developing Markets

Julia Illman


Climate funding needs transparency

Adapting to the impacts of climate change will require major climate action and massive increases in climate finance. Public funding must be used in more effective and transparent ways and in manners that catalyze private funding for climate mitigation as well as adaptation.

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Tuomas Raivio


Traffic safety problem or attitude problem? (In Finnish)

Suomi on liikenneturvallisuudessa EU:n keskitasoa, ja liikennekuolemien väheneminen on ollut meillä selvästi hitaampaa kuin muissa Pohjoismaissa. Tavoitteen – liikennekuolemien ja loukkaantumisten vähentämisen – toteutuminen on epävarmaa.

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Juha Vanhanen


The key to low-carbon future lies in energy distribution systems

Having followed the discussion on energy and climate issues for a long time, I have noticed that roughly 80 % of the discussion focuses on energy production and the remaining 20 % on energy consumption. Almost nobody talks about what happens between the production and the consumption, that is, how we can ensure that we have enough energy to consume precisely at the time when we need it. In my opinion, energy distribution systems will play a key role in the future low-carbon economy.

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Industry & Technology

Gaia pressroom


Bioeconomy: From economies of scale to economies of sustainability

Bio-based economy changes fundamentally the current production paradigms. The key of it are closed, integrated material cycles across industries and communities. Innovative thinking and open dialogue are required to develop and implement the best solutions and policies of the new, bio-based world.

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