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New Report: Cooperative Climate Initiatives Have Major Global Mitigation, Adaptation and Finance Impacts


Our new report with New Climate Institute for the Nordic Council of Ministers highlights Nordic opportunities to provide leadership in the Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA).

The Global Climate Action Agenda covers a wealth of cooperative action between governments, cities, businesses, non-governmental organisations and citizens. Non-state climate initiatives under the GCAA represent a key means to rapidly bridge the gaps in current climate action.

The study identified in total some 300 international cooperative initiatives. Nordic stakeholders are among the most active participants within these initiatives. The analysis recommends continued Nordic support for initiatives with strong commitments to effective and transparent action.

Our research succeeded in filtering out 7 initiatives with particular interest from a Nordic perspective, covering both adaptation, mitigation as well as means of implementation initiatives.

These initiatives are fully aligned with the 2019 Nordic declaration on carbon neutrality highlighting joint commitment to intensify efforts to

1) catalyse the scaling up of Nordic sustainable solutions, reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, maintain or enhance carbon sinks and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,

2) encourage climate-conscious consumer choices, and

3) encourage Nordic companies, investors, local governments, cities, organizations and consumers to step up their efforts towards carbon neutrality

Read the full report here

Mikko Halonen

Leading Consultant, Management Team, Partner

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