Susanna Sepponen


How to boost the circular transition in the Nordics

The Nordic countries have already - separately and together - launched a great deal of actions to speed up the transition towards resource-wise societies. I am sure that many share the strong sense of momentum and expectations on how the Nordics could do even more to release the untapped circularity-potential that our study had found in many areas.

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Pasi Rinne


Sustainability is Peace

The war in Ukraine changes the business landscape. As a united Europe fights for peace, democracy and the rule of law, sustainability is not only an opportunity, but the cornerstone of New Peace. This is a test for Europe and for corporations that lead the change. 

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Kaisa Hietala


Repositioning for the future

Climate change, resource scarcity and loss of biodiversity are forcing companies to look around the corners of their business and to think ahead in order to see not only risks but also opportunities. 

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Gaia pressroom


How to achieve competitive advantage with sustainability?

Business has seen an extremely rapid evolution of sustainability in recent years. Whereas traditionally companies viewed sustainability as charity work, it later became a compliance issue. Now, successful companies see that there are business opportunities tied with sustainable products and services.

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