Public Sector

Mikko Halonen


Reconnect with nature – are you trying to be funny?

Reconnecting with nature sounds bizarre, tempting and yet contradictory – almost like fresh frozen, friendly fire….. . Aren´t we part of nature – how arrogant can we be, imagining that we would somehow be outside or above nature? But simultaneously, if my generation cannot find the “way back to the garden” as Joni Mitchell used to sing, and prevent our kids to get detached from the miracles of the nature from the start, I tell you we are heading for trouble.

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Markus Klimscheffskij


Handprint Matters

An “old” Chinese saying says: One who thinks a single person can’t change the world has never eaten a poorly cooked bat in Wuhan. Here’s why we must care about our handprint.

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Financial Services

Hanna Värttö


Why sustainability should be strategic?

Capital markets react swiftly to acute threats or events such as epidemics or natural catastrophes. While global threats unfold, discussions continue on how to best prepare for emerging risks, such as climate change, in the future.

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