Gaia news | 01.11.2018

Digitalisation opens new interfaces to water (in Finnish)

Voiko veden arvoa korvata jollakin aineettomalla? Voidaanko digitalisaation avulla saavuttaa entistä parempaa vesiluonnonvarojen käyttöä? Digitalisaatio luo jatkuvasti uusia mahdollisuuksia tehdä asioita toisin kuin ennen. Se antaa työkaluja resurssitehokkuuteen ja vastuulliseen luonnonvarojen käyttöön.

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Gaia news | 21.09.2018

On Zero Emissions Day, the globe can breathe

The aim of the Zero Emissions Day is to give the planet a day off from fossil fuel use and focus attention to harmful emissions. Today, the Climate Leadership Council member organizations are organizing climate action and campaigning with their customers, employees and other stakeholders and cooperating with schools for carbon neutrality.

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Gaia news | 17.08.2018

Sodankylän tulevaisuus – arvioitavana kaivostoiminnan vaikutukset aluetalouteen (in Finnish)

Gaia Consulting Oy arvioi AA Sakatti Mining Oy:n toimeksiannosta 2030-luvulla mahdollisesti toteutettavan kaivoshankkeen aluetaloudellisia vaikutuksia osana hankkeen ympäristövaikutusten arviointia (YVA). Gaian selvistystyössä havainnollistetaan Sakatin kaivoshankkeen toteuttamisen tai toteuttamatta jättämisen taloudellisia vaikutuksia Sodankylässä (kuntatalous, yritykset, palkansaajat) sekä muualla Lapissa ja Suomessa laajemmin.

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Gaia news | 13.07.2018

Textiles And Plastic Replacers From Wood – Collaboration And Research Will Create New Opportunities

Interest towards bioeconomy and bio-based materials has recently increased enormously due to the global discussion concerning problems caused by the use of plastics. A recent study by Business Finland and Gaia Consulting analysed the value chain and possible innovation development pathways of cellulose-based bioproducts and biocomposites replacing plastics. The bioplastic market, especially drop-in-biopolymers, is estimated to reach 3,4 billion euros in 2020.

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Gaia news | 03.07.2018

Cellulose-based fibers will open a new future for Finnish textile industry

A new Business Finland case study conducted by Gaia Consulting reveals that Finnish success stories of bio-based textiles rest on strong R&D support. However, the lack of mid-sized technology and solution providers as well as investment decisions for demonstration plants slow down the commercialization and scaling up of production.

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Gaia news | 17.04.2018

Empowering indigenous people in climate action key to enhancing Arctic resilience

Climate change is rapidly transforming Arctic environments, with the rate of warming close to double compared to that of planetary mean projections. Arctic communities and indigenous people overall, are the responsible custodians of some of the most diverse and vulnerable ecosystems on the planet – a skill that is getting increasingly scarce and precious.

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