Gaia news | 28.11.2014

Finland aims at deploying biofuels in aviation

Finland is well-positioned to put renewable aviation fuels to extensive and continuous use. The biggest challenge is profitability, as biofuel is currently significantly more expensive than fossil aviation fuel.

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Gaia news | 18.11.2014

Microfinance brings clean energy and development to Ethiopia

Gaia is cooperating with MicroEnergy International, Swan Management and three Ethiopian microfinance institutions to initiate an innovative and replicable microcredit mechanism to finance clean energy technologies for households and small and medium size enterprises in Ethiopia.

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Gaia news | 11.11.2014

More heat pumps – lower energy consumption, more jobs, better trade balance

The environment, the economy and the consumer’s wallet will benefit, if heat pumps become more common in Finland. It will lower our energy consumption, create consumer savings, increase employment and improve Finland’s trade balance, says a report commissioned by The Finnish Heat Pump Association (SULPU) from Gaia.

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Gaia news | 07.11.2014

Team Arctic exports Finnish Arctic know-how

Team Arctic Finland has packaged the Finnish Arctic know-how into five concepts that have already opened doors to international corporations. These concepts provide a practical way to export Arctic know-how and have already led to international business negotiations. Team Arctic was launched and is coordinated by Gaia and The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

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Gaia news | 09.09.2014

Gaia Biorefiner showcased in the Bio-based Global Summit in Brussels

Gaia will showcase its sustainability benchmarking tool Gaia Biorefiner in the Bio-based Global Summit, organised in Brussels on September 9–10. The Summit looks at the current situation of biobased materials and aims to make decision-makers understand the potential of bioeconomy.

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Gaia news | 01.09.2014

Gaia strengthens its expertise on sustainable energy

Gaia has strengthened its energy team by hiring a new expert on sustainable energy. As the risks on the global energy market are growing and the market is getting more complex, Gaia will continue to offer clients profound understanding on energy issues.

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Gaia news | 27.06.2014

Finland is exploring the possibilities of biofuels in aviation

Gaia, Neste Oil, Finnair, Finavia, the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and Service Design Agency Diagonal are exploring the possibilities of using biofuel in aviation at Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

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Gaia news | 12.06.2014

Särkänniemi amusement park has solar potential

Särkänniemi amusement park, located in Tampere Finland, could produce 600 MWh of solar electricity per year; the same amount that is consumed annually by 30 electrically heated single-family houses. The park could also produce solar heat that could be used to heat the pool in the Dolphinarium.

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Gaia news | 20.05.2014

New website helps with solar power production (in Finnish)

Motivan verkkosivuilla on julkaistu uusi osio aurinkosähköstä. Sivusto tarjoaa aurinkosähköjärjestelmää harkitseville perustietoa hankinnasta, asennuksesta, määräyksistä, lainsäädännöstä ja myymisestä. Verkkosivujen aineiston on koonnut Gaia.

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Gaia news | 07.05.2014

Climate positive Gaia offsets carbon footprint by 200 %

Gaia continues to offset its greenhouse gas emissions by 200 %. Instead of just compensating for its negative climate impacts, it actually creates positive impacts by investing in projects that mitigate and help in adapting to climate change.

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Gaia news | 17.04.2014

Bioeconomy means new business for the Nordics

The Nordic countries can create new jobs, reduce waste and combat climate change by tapping into the potential of bioeconomy. The most fertile ground for innovations and growth lies where companies, industries, science and resource flows interact and open new possibilities.

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Gaia news | 01.04.2014

The green bond market is blooming

SEB, one of the top Nordic corporate banks, forecasts that green bonds will account for 10–15 percent of the corporate bond markets by 2020. “Raising money earmarked for green business development can be a significant step on the way to a new, more sustainable way of thinking and doing business,” says Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board at Gaia.

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Gaia news | 27.02.2014

Students to evaluate environmental projects (In Finnish)

Gaia ja Nuorten akatemia uudistavat ympäristöhankkeiden arviointimenetelmiä. Gaia vastaa ympäristöministeriön vihreän talouden kokeiluhankkeiden arvioinnista vuonna 2014, ja Nuorten Akatemia on rekrytoinut arvioinnin havainnoijiksi 18 nuorta opiskelijaa eri puolilta Suomea.

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