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Will geopolitics determine what comes through our power sockets?

The recent re-emergence of geopolitics in European energy discussion has taken many by surprise. But has geopolitics really ever left the energy discussion in Europe or have we just ignored traditional geopolitical issues in the face of the current climate discussion or in the heat of solving the euro crisis? Have we been lulled into a partly false sense of security by these past few years of smooth energy cooperation between the EU and Russia and started assuming that all problems were permanently solved?

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Industry & Technology

Pasi Rinne


Environmental offsets – A license to trash or an effective tool to save the planet?

Since the 1970s, environmental offsetting has been used in several countries as an instrument to reduce water pollution, to prevent the loss of habitats and biodiversity, to encourage energy efficiency and to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Looking back at the track record of offsetting, its results look mixed, and environmental professionals disagree on whether offsetting is creating additional much-needed environmental measures or actually discouraging responsible development.

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Developing Markets

Julia Illman


Climate funding needs transparency

Adapting to the impacts of climate change will require major climate action and massive increases in climate finance. Public funding must be used in more effective and transparent ways and in manners that catalyze private funding for climate mitigation as well as adaptation.

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Tuomas Raivio


Traffic safety problem or attitude problem? (In Finnish)

Suomi on liikenneturvallisuudessa EU:n keskitasoa, ja liikennekuolemien väheneminen on ollut meillä selvästi hitaampaa kuin muissa Pohjoismaissa. Tavoitteen – liikennekuolemien ja loukkaantumisten vähentämisen – toteutuminen on epävarmaa.

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Are we ready for increasing inequality and a fight for food?

The warming climate will not only affect our environment but also our means of living. Climate change causes tangible changes in the food we eat, products we use and places where we live and work. The changes won’t treat us equally but will instead increase the inequality within societies.

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