Gaia news | 07.11.2012

A toolkit for responsible mining launched

A new tool to prevent and reduce risks of mining conflicts was launched by Gaia, University of Eastern Finland, Zoï Environment and Kyrgyz Mining Association today in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

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Gaia news | 25.10.2012

Finland wants to become a leading country on sustainable mining

Round table meeting between the Prime Minister of Finland, Minister of Economic Affairs, Minister of the Environment, Minister of Labour, senior executives of mining and technology companies and other invited senior officials adopted today a joint objective to make Finland the leading country on sustainable mining. The position paper as well as the architecture of the round table was prepared by Gaia Consulting on the assignment from the Strategic Programme for Cleantech of the Government of Finland.

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Gaia news | 12.10.2012

Finnish cleantech companies have much to offer to developing countries

Finnish water, energy and ICT technologies and consultancy services could play an important role in designing and constructing green growth for example in African and Latin American countries which suffer from the impacts of climate change but benefit from quick economic development, as discussed in a conference organised by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

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Gaia news | 26.09.2012

Gaia goes climate positive

Gaia joined today the The Climate Partners network and made a bold commitment to compensate for its climate emissions by 200% starting in 2012.

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Gaia news | 14.09.2012

Finland has great potential to use more local fish (in Finnish)

Gaian WWF Suomelle teettämä tuore raportti kertoo, että Itämeren kalaa, kuten särkikaloja ja silakkaa, voisi syödä nykyistä paljon enemmän kalakantojen vaarantumatta. Itämeren kaloilla voitaisiin myös korvata ulkomailta tuotua kalaa. Pienistä särkikaloista ja silakasta voitaisiin myös valmistaa kalanrehua, jolloin rehukaloja ei tarvitsisi rahdata maailman meriltä.

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Gaia news | 05.09.2012

The Future of Mining in Finland

Minister of Employment and the Economy, Mr. Jyri Häkämies convenes a roundtable meeting in Helsinki on 24 October to discuss the Future of Mining in Finland. CEOs from leading mining and mineral corporations, politicians, authorities and key mining stakeholders have been invited to take part.

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Gaia news | 29.08.2012

A Summit on biomimicry – the business link to biodiversity

Top scientists and business leaders gathered today in Zurich to discuss how biomimicry – nature inspired innovation and design – has the potential to be a key driver of economic growth and the transition into a more energy and resources efficient economy.

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Gaia news | 29.02.2012

Making global infrastructure solutions more sustainable

The Sustainable Infrastructure Financing Summit 2012, held 21–22 February in Basel, Switzerland, brought together more than 300 leading finance institutions, regulators, city officials and infrastructure developers from around the world to assess policy options enhance more sustainable infrastructure, and to review innovative infrastructure projects.

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