Winning Offshore Wind Concepts in the Baltic Sea

Baltic Offshore Wind (BOW) ecosystem brings together all relevant stakeholders, investors, businesses, technology, service providers, and governmental institutions for creating a competitive wind power domain in the Baltic Sea with a scalable and global export potential.
BOW creates attractive investment environment preconditions and enables an increase in offshore wind production capacity in the range of 10GW along the Finnish coastline by year 2035. This means over 10 billion euro investments, of which approx. 40% stays in Finland.


Establishing an offshore wind ecosystem

The production of offshore wind power will grow all over the world. In Europe capacity of offshore wind power is estimated to triple over the next three years, and Baltic sea is seen as a highly potential place for offshore wind production. Finland has a long history of operating in icy circumstances and developing marine technology, which forms a favorable basis for successful offshore wind production.

BOW ecosystem was launched in September 2018, and is currently on phase III. Phase III covers e.g. invest-in and pre-feasibility studies, proof-of-concept solutions, concept creation, and seminar with potential investors.

To support the ecosystem BOW creates new knowledge of offshore wind business and builds competitive concepts with advanced partners and clients. The ecosystem develops competencies and credibility for a winning market access.


Join the ecosystem!

Baltic Offshore Wind is open for new companies that are interested in developing comprehensive solutions for offshore wind power. The ecosystem covers the whole value chain from investors to operators. Join the ecosystem by contacting Pekka Pokela.

The companies that have already joined the ecosystem are Boskalis Terramare Oy, Destia Oy, Fortum Oyj, FSS Finnish Sea Service Oy, Hyötytuuli Oy, Peikko Group, Pori Offshore Constructions Oy, Rauma Marine Constructions Oy, Savcor Oy, and Taaleri Energia Oy.


Further information:

Pekka Pokela, Business Director, p. +358 40 544 1582

Päivi Luoma, Leading Consultant, p. +358 50 430 8866

Ulla Värre, Consultant, p. +358 50 472 5474