Our clients make the world cleaner and safer.

Sustainable business means efficiency, reduced risks and new opportunities. It is all about producing more from less.

Gaia – Consultancy for Sustainable Business.

Sustainability – The business case

Climate change, loss of biodiversity and erosion pose unprecedented risks to societies. We provide innovative solutions for sustainability. With us, sustainable business is better business.

Generate more from less
Strengthen licence to operate
Reduce environmental impact
Improve benefits to society

Gaia Carbon Neutral label

The world is going carbon neutral. Change requires climate action. Gaia Carbon Neutral label is the most trustworthy certificate for climate-friendly products, services and organisations.

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This is how we work with our clients.


What is the business case? We help you to analyse strategic risks and identify new opportunities for success.

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The plan for strong leadership: strategy, governance and business KPIs. Integrated sustainability creates value to all.

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Walk the talk. Engage with your stakeholders and lead the change. Share the results and shine.

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What is the created value for environment, society and business growth? At Gaia, we strive for measurable impacts.

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Gaia People

Gaia’s team of experts is ready to grow your sustainable business.

Climate-smart consumers vote with their wallets for a carbon neutral world

The climate impact of products is becoming more and more important in determining individuals’ purchasing decisions. But how can a consumer identify products that are truly the better choice for the climate?

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Gaia news | 18.10.2022

Effective climate action requires international cooperation and concrete pilot projects – the Nordic countries can lead the way

In November, the COP27 climate conference will be held in Egypt. Climate finance will be in focus, as part of which work on the implementation of the new market mechanisms for carbon market under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement is expected to progress. Last year’s conference in Glasgow saw a significant step forward, with an agreement reached on a common framework for these mechanisms. With over 20 years of experience in climate finance and carbon markets based on the Kyoto Protocol, the Nordic countries have an excellent opportunity to lead the way in the practical application of the new mechanisms through pilot projects with partner countries.

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Gaia news | 21.06.2022

A moment of change

Pasi Rinne, very much the Founding Father of Gaia, has decided to step down and give the next generation the room it deserves. Pasi will however continue as Senior Advisor with Gaia, and remain as strategic advisor, working with our clients and with Gaia’s brand development.

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Susanna Sepponen


How to boost the circular transition in the Nordics

The Nordic countries have already - separately and together - launched a great deal of actions to speed up the transition towards resource-wise societies. I am sure that many share the strong sense of momentum and expectations on how the Nordics could do even more to release the untapped circularity-potential that our study had found in many areas.

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Pasi Rinne


Sustainability is Peace

The war in Ukraine changes the business landscape. As a united Europe fights for peace, democracy and the rule of law, sustainability is not only an opportunity, but the cornerstone of New Peace. This is a test for Europe and for corporations that lead the change. 

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