Our clients make the world cleaner and safer.

Sustainable business means efficiency, reduced risks and new opportunities. It is all about producing more from less.

Gaia – Consultancy for Sustainable Business.

Sustainability – The business case

Climate change, loss of biodiversity and erosion pose unprecedented risks to societies. We provide innovative solutions for sustainability. With us, sustainable business is better business.

Generate more from less
Strengthen licence to operate
Reduce environmental impact
Improve benefits to society


This is how we work with our clients.


What is the business case? We help you to analyse strategic risks and identify new opportunities for success.

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The plan for strong leadership: strategy, governance and business KPIs. Integrated sustainability creates value to all.

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Walk the talk. Engage with your stakeholders and lead the change. Share the results and shine.

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What is the created value for environment, society and business growth? At Gaia, we strive for measurable impacts.

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Gaia People

Gaia’s team of experts is ready to grow your sustainable business.

Lauri Larvus | 17.12.2019

Being Carbonless – profitable transformation to carbon neutrality

Industries are moving towards carbon neutrality, and they are doing it fast due to developing regulation and increased business opportunities. Some companies are even going beyond – re-thinking business impacts through handprint and introducing targets for climate positive business.

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Gaia news | 07.10.2020

Climate specialist Pekka Reinikainen joins Gaia as Senior Advisor

Pekka Reinikainen joins Gaia as Senior Advisor and brings in expertise in risk management, a crucial skill for businesses and organisations in the fast-changing world. Reinikainen says climate change mitigation and prevention are one of the largest tasks in the history of humanity ­– and at the same time full of possibilities.

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Ulla Heinonen


Climate change is a business opportunity

Climate change is the next large tsunami lurking behind the COVID-19 wave, causing concern for company management and boards. How will climate change affect our company, our customers, our investors and the image of our sector? What type of risks and opportunities will it bring, and on what timespan?

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Financial Services

Juha Vanhanen


How do climate change risks hit the company’s balance sheet?

When discussing climate change risks, the first thing that springs to mind is the devastation caused by extreme weather conditions. These are easily imagined sudden events, pictured into the mind through news images. Extreme weather is, however, only the tip of the iceberg. To map the preparedness, management and opportunities, one has to know to look underneath the surface, too. With right strategic choices, the minuses can become plusses.

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