Our clients make the world cleaner and safer.

Sustainable business means efficiency, reduced risks and new opportunities. It is all about producing more from less.

Gaia – Consultancy for Sustainable Business.

Sustainability – The business case

Climate change, loss of biodiversity and erosion pose unprecedented risks to societies. We provide innovative solutions for sustainability. With us, sustainable business is better business.

Generate more from less
Strengthen licence to operate
Reduce environmental impact
Improve benefits to society


This is how we work with our clients.


What is the business case? We help you to analyse strategic risks and identify new opportunities for success.

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The plan for strong leadership: strategy, governance and business KPIs. Integrated sustainability creates value to all.

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Walk the talk. Engage with your stakeholders and lead the change. Share the results and shine.

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What is the created value for environment, society and business growth? At Gaia, we strive for measurable impacts.

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Gaia People

Gaia’s team of experts is ready to grow your sustainable business.

Päivi Luoma | 05.05.2019

Team Arctic promotion power builds on Finnish competence

Team Arctic Finland has been a highly powerful and credible brand in creating global interest in Finnish Arctic competence. It has opened doors to high-level decision makers in key companies operating in the Arctic. Still, strong development and promotion investments are required to give Finnish companies a credible business position.

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Gaia news | 13.11.2019

Gaia names new partners

Mikko Halonen, Julia Illman, and Lauri Larvus have become shareholders at Gaia Group Oy. All three are staff members, valuable team players at Gaia, and profoundly committed to the long-term development of Gaia. "“We are committed to professionalism, work to earn credibility and must be able to offer continuity."

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Industry & Technology

Solveig Roschier


Data on CO2 emission reductions available from JRC

There is a lot of talk about reducing CO2 emissions but much less data available and used to back these discussions. The European Commission Joint Research Center JRC Ispra (Italy) air quality laboratory is an ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) Class 2 Atmospheric Station and it has been benchmarking the impact of policies on air quality and climate change for more than 30 years.

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Markus Klimscheffskij


What are we voting on Globxit?

How come WeWork raises 13 billion dollars in a blitz for renovating real estates that it doesn’t even own, while the Green Climate Fund scrapes together just below 10 billion from leading economies of the world?

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Lauri Larvus


Co-creating business value from sustainability

Global brand owners, retailers, industrial companies and their suppliers are growing their businesses through introducing sustainable and innovative solutions to the market – and they are doing it together. It is clear that more value for business and improved customer experience can be generated through sustainability.

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