Environment & Responsibility

Your Challenge

To say the least, it is quite difficult to assess sustainability in today’s world. How are you to make the right decisions?


Sustainable business concepts are crucial to providing wellbeing for an increasing population. You just have to take into account our planetary boundaries, minimize your environmental impact and maintain biocapacity. Actually, it is a world of possibilities. Tightening regulations lead to regulation-driven opportunities, and greater public awareness gives a competitive edge for those who know.

Our solutions

We can provide all the sustainability-related facts required for informed decision-making and successful business development. Our world-class experts carry out sustainability assessments using the latest knowledge, methods and standards. We are capable of providing future-oriented insight on the development of environmental policies and sustainable business concepts. We also have a solid track record in challenging development projects in the rapidly developing emerging markets, e.g. in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Partner up with us if your needs relate to:

  • Corporate Responsibility and Reporting
  • Sustainability Assessment and Indicator Development 
  • Life-cycle Assessments
  • Carbon and Water Footprints
  • Biofuel Sustainability Verification
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Management
  • Bio-based Economy Business Development 
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Side Stream and Waste Management and Utilization
  • Water Management
  • Multi-benefit Development Projects

Previous achievements

Identifying winning concepts for Forestcluster Ltd

Bio-based economy offers remarkable potential for business and sustainability, since it is one of the solutions to global challenges such as climate change, scarcity of natural resources and population growth. It also provides opportunities for creating new business and improving the sustainability of industries and communities. With the help of Gaia, Forestcluster Ltd initiated a metamorphosis towards a bio-based economy. In an open participatory scenario process, we identified winning concepts for a global bio-based economy in 2030. Key to all these solutions were closed material cycles and functioning trading systems for bio-based, Gaia concluded.

Greener shopping centres are better business

With Gaia’s support, Citycon, the market leader in the Finnish shopping centre business, became the first shopping centre owner in Finland to identify its climate impacts and environmental management principles. Our experts calculated Citycon’s carbon footprint, helped Citycon to develop a carbon policy, and to profoundly improve its overall corporate responsibility. Citycon is now placing sustainability at the core of its business strategy with the aim to increase profitability, lower operating costs and improve customer satisfaction. The company launched an ambitious Green Shopping Centre Management programme to cover issues such as energy consumption and efficiency, water consumption, waste and transport as well as annual indicators for these areas.

Toolkit for mining conflicts

The on-going mining boom answers the ever-growing hunger for metals and minerals. The boom raises concerns about the environmental impacts and other risks related to mining. Ironically, mining conflicts make responsible mining even harder both in developed and developing countries. Gaia, the University of Eastern Finland and ZOI are working with mining companies, authorities and NGOs to develop a new tool, which mining companies and their partners will use to mitigate and prevent mining conflicts. The new tool provides companies and their stakeholders a practical way to emphasize social relations in environmental impact assessment. The toolkit is developed for a particular mining situation in Central Asia, but it can be applied to cases all over the world.

Improved stoves combat climate change in Ethiopia

Ethiopia suffers from the drastic effects of climate change and massive deforestation. Gaia’s fuel-efficient stove project has reduced wood consumption up to 70% in 100 schools, several universities and prisons in Ethiopia. In addition to the climate change mitigation, the project helps to feed the pupils and improve learning results, improves health conditions and reduces running costs. The project also creates new business opportunities. We have trained 14 stove producers and distributed crucially needed environmental education material in all participating schools. 

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