Energy & Climate

Your Challenge

Energy and climate issues are like a train that keeps moving. No matter what is on the news today, businesses, politicians and authorities face an unprecedented challenge: how to turn the tracks towards sustainable ways of producing and consuming energy?


The two decisive questions are “When to react?” and “How to react?” The answers depend on the state of play in climate policy, the speed of technology development and consumer behavior. We all have to figure out what’s sustainable anyway.

Our Solutions

Gaia works with sustainable energy and climate in all corners of the world. Our clients use our services to rethink their strategy, to map future pathways in their markets, and to rework their operations.


The best way towards sustainable energy and climate solutions is through profits. Economic realities dictate which projects are eligible for funding. With us you can become more competitive, innovative, sustainable, and at the same time, provide wider environmental and societal benefits. Our team has a proven track record of top-notch service delivery in all of our work.

Partner up with us if your needs relate to:

  • Energy Systems and Markets
  • Renewable and Distributed Energy 
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Carbon Footprint and Management 
  • Mitigation and Adaptation 
  • Climate Finance and Mainstreaming 

Previous achievements

Carbon Footprint Calculator for Chevron

In a recent groundbreaking project, Chevron, the world's fourth largest non-government energy company, commissioned Gaia to design a Carbon Footprint Calculator. It counts the carbon footprint of well construction operations so that emissions can be minimized in the project design. It will be globally available to all of Chevron's drilling and completion engineers. The emphasis was on constructing an easy to use, logical, fast and accurate tool. 


Energy efficiency options for the City of Helsinki

The City of Helsinki faces the same problem as all large organizations: How to promote energy efficiency and how to motivate the decisions. Gaia analyzed the energy efficiency potential of the city and presented the most suitable policies and actions. We covered the city's own energy use and all other energy use in buildings, households, service sector, industry and transport in the Finnish capital. As a result the city can implement cost and carbon based decisions.

Combining solar with traditional heating

Renewable energy is speeding ahead and the rapid technology development creates challenges for the traditional energy industry. However, there is also great potential in the integration of renewables to the traditional and efficient systems. Finnish Energy Industries commissioned a study from Gaia to analyze the best ways to use solar heating technologies as part of the district heating systems. The results show that smart integration of solar heating is already a feasible solution.

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