Successful transition to an energy and resource-efficient economy requires a thorough look at the big picture. We can help you to get that picture.

An energy transition challenges our current ways of generating, transmitting and distributing energy. It also offers a great chance to find new business and investment opportunities and to cut costs. We can also help you seize new opportunities and reduce costs by looking at resources and resource efficiency as a whole.

Tightening regulation and new, efficient technologies can give you a real competitive advantage and help you make more from less. We can provide you with the information that you need to make informed and confident decisions.

We offer comprehensive Energy & Resources services

Business Intelligence

Energy and Resource Strategies

New Business and Concept Development

Renewable and Distributed Energy

Sustainable Resource Management

Circular Economy Development

Energy Systems and Markets

Policy and Regulation Studies

Resource Efficiency

Economic and Market Analysis

Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies

Raw Material and Resource Markets

Sidestream Waste Management and Utilization

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