Cleantech, Innovation and Finance

Your Challenge

Natural resources and energy are being reinvented. Can they introduce new ways to develop your market position? Do they influence your cost structure? Could there be new business opportunities for you?


Integrate sustainability into your strategy and the rest will follow. Implementation is easier because a sustainable strategy makes more sense to management, staff, investors and, of course, customers. Everybody will win when products are competitive, future-oriented and financially viable.


Our solutions

Gaia brings in 20 years of experience in the intersection of business, science and policy. We have worked with companies, investors and policy makers.


We can support your strategy work with data analysis and conclusions. When implementing sustainability strategies and developing cleantech businesses, you get concrete concepts, models and tools. Our highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team strives to create an impact on your financial, environmental and social bottom-line. Therefore we take a collaborative stance in client work.


Partner up with us if your needs relate to:

  • Sustainability and Cleantech Strategies
  • Coaching of Strategy Implementation
  • Access to Developing Markets
  • Business Development and R&D
  • Cleantech Solutions Development
  • Business Analysis, Evaluation and Foresight Studies
  • Policy Analysis
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Communication


Previous achievements

Growth companies from Finnish forests

Gaia analyzed the potential of new growth companies that create their added value based on Finland’s most strategic natural resource – forests. The study suggested an action plan to enhance the business growth and defined prerequisites for more radical innovations in the forestry sector. Special attention was paid in analyzing the role of different public business accelerator programmes. The study identified the sectors with the highest growth potential and analyzed the deal flow potential. Gaia has also completed several other deal flow assessments and market studies in different cleantech sectors. This study was part of Finland’s governmental Strategic Programme for the Forest Sector.


Water purification business development

Gaia has supported a client (a Swiss private company) to develop a groundbreaking business plan for water shops to distribute drinking water in developing countries. The water is purified with a combination of renewable energy and high performing water purification technology.


Tekes technology programme evaluations

Gaia’s aim with evaluations is to create better understanding for all stakeholders – companies, their clients, and the public sector – on how to improve innovation processes to create sustainable growth. Gaia has completed ex-ante, mid-term, and ex-post evaluations for over twenty national research and technology development programmes since 2000. The latest two evaluations commissioned by Tekes (The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) covered the long-term impact assessment of Tekes’s activities in the ICT sector and in wood industries. The evaluations have covered different methodological approaches and several industrial and technological sectors.


How to create markets for sustainable products?

There needs to be demand for innovative sustainable products. This demand is highly dependent on policy decisions. Over last years Gaia has completed several studies to analyze how innovative demand for sustainable products can be created through different policy decisions. These included the analysis of the EU Lead Market Initiative from a Finnish perspective for the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Tekes. The study targeted the six sectors identified in the EU’s Lead Market Initiative: eHealth, bio-based products, recycling, sustainable construction, renewable energies and protective textiles. 

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