Looking for growth and a better market position in sustainability-driven markets? Gaia’s solutions for Cleantech and Bioeconomy help you develop your business and discover new business opportunities.

We can support your strategy work and back it up with data. For over 20 years, we have been developing innovative, sustainable business concepts for companies, investors, NGOs, policy makers and the public sector. You will get concrete concepts, models and tools for business development as well as means to implement new ideas.

Our multi-disciplinary, business-oriented team is looking forward to making an impact on your financial, environmental and social bottom line. Let’s turn sustainability challenges and ideas into new business!

We offer comprehensive Cleantech & Bioeconomy services

Business Opportunity Identification and Development

Facilitating Business and Strategy Implementation

Raw Material and Resource Markets

Circular Economy Development

Market and Technology Analysis

Side Stream and Waste Management & Utilization

Economic and Market Analysis

New Business and Concept Development

Sustainability Indicators

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