Do you know the type of impacts your business has on the environment and our climate? We can help you map and manage impacts and identify new sustainable business opportunities while saving costs and natural resources. Get a competitive head start!

Gaia’s multi-disciplinary staff works all around the world. This gives us the experience to consider all aspects of environmental issues, whether they relate to tropical rainforests or the Arctic. You can always rely on us whenever you need help with sustainability standards, compliance and permits.

We know what the journey to a low-carbon future requires from governments, cities, businesses and individuals, what kinds of solutions are available and how to manage emerging climate risks.  

Proper management of natural resources and environmental impacts is a crucially important part of successful and sustainable business. We can help you take the right steps – to achieve compliance and beyond.

We offer comprehensive Environment & Climate services

Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Development

Corporate Responsibility, Reporting & Measuring Progress

Life-cycle Assessment

Climate Risk Management and Mainstreaming

Environment, Security and Conflict Prevention

Management Systems (EHQS)

Carbon and Water Footprint Calculations and Management

Finance for Climate Action and Sustainable Business Development

Sustainability Indicators

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Looking for growth and a better market position in sustainability-driven markets? Gaia’s solutions for Cleantech and Bioeconomy help you develop your business and discover new business opportunities.

We can support your strategy work and back it up with data. For over 20 years, we have been developing innovative, sustainable business concepts for companies, investors, NGOs, policy makers and the public sector. You will get concrete concepts, models and tools for business development as well as means to implement new ideas.

Our multi-disciplinary, business-oriented team is looking forward to making an impact on your financial, environmental and social bottom line. Let’s turn sustainability challenges and ideas into new business!

We offer comprehensive Cleantech & Bioeconomy services

Business Opportunity Identification and Development

Facilitating Business and Strategy Implementation

Raw Material and Resource Markets

Circular Economy Development

Market and Technology Analysis

Side Stream and Waste Management & Utilization

Economic and Market Analysis

New Business and Concept Development

Sustainability Indicators

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Risk management is responsible business, and responsible business helps manage risks. We help you turn responsibility driven actions and risk management programs into a more profitable business.

Risks can relate to your operations, your organisation, your new business concepts or your infrastructure. They may range from a potential for a fatal accident to journalists asking tricky questions – or the weather damaging your infrastructure. If and when risks become reality, you may find you suffer serious financial consequences, your corporate image is damaged or your social licence to operate becomes that more difficult to maintain.

Early and agile risk assessments are some of the most effective tools you can use to plan for a safe and sustainable future. Thinking “safe” will give you vital information to manage your operations throughout the life cycle of your business, project or product.  Best of all, embracing safety and reducing risk in a controlled, efficient manner will help you sleep at night.

Responsible business is better business. Responsibility reaches beyond risk management to each and every corner of your business, people, assets, supply chain and partners. We focus on your clients and stakeholders’   values and expectations in order to help you succeed. Ensuring you are compliant or beyond can give your business a considerable boost.

We offer comprehensive Risks & Responsibility services

Compliance and Permitting

Risk Assessment Approaches & Tools

Strategic and Operative Management Systems

Impact Assessment and Mitigation

Risk Modelling

Sustainability Indicators

Operative Responsibility

Society, Infrastructure and Transport

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Successful transition to an energy and resource-efficient economy requires a thorough look at the big picture. We can help you to get that picture.

An energy transition challenges our current ways of generating, transmitting and distributing energy. It also offers a great chance to find new business and investment opportunities and to cut costs. We can also help you seize new opportunities and reduce costs by looking at resources and resource efficiency as a whole.

Tightening regulation and new, efficient technologies can give you a real competitive advantage and help you make more from less. We can provide you with the information that you need to make informed and confident decisions.

We offer comprehensive Energy & Resources services

Business Intelligence

Energy and Resource Strategies

New Business and Concept Development

Renewable and Distributed Energy

Sustainable Resource Management

Circular Economy Development

Energy Systems and Markets

Policy and Regulation Studies

Resource Efficiency

Economic and Market Analysis

Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies

Raw Material and Resource Markets

Sidestream Waste Management and Utilization

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