Paula Tommila
Business Manager

bio-economy, climate change, energy solutions in developing countries, business development in developing markets, development cooperation, project management


+358 40 538 4813

“The world around us has always been a great interest to me, and I have tried my best to see and understand the story behind everyday matters. First, I learnt to appreciate the richness of different people, places and their activities by travelling all over the world. Then it was the places I visited that kept me interested in the reasons why things are the way they are. Today, I try my best to understand the global picture: why things are actually quite similar in the furthest and closest places, and how we could use the lessons learned around the world to help us make our planet a better place for all, today and tomorrow.

New challenges and possibilities to learn new things keep me going. Bio-based economy is a framework where opportunities and solutions can be re-thought from a sustainable perspective. I enjoy in the opportunity to be involved in the renewing of the current way of thinking in economic, environmental and social aspects of life. I enjoy the people I have chance to work with, the occasional bad joke and making a fool of yourself. They keep me motivated day after day.”