Heli Sihvonen

Food chain and food development, food safety and law, supply chain management, biosciences and biomedicine, consumer studies


+358 44 360 6664

"My passion for uniting people’s welfare and the future welfare of the Earth led me to study biosciences and major in food science. My interest then inspired me to intern at an academic human rights program and finally paved my way to Gaia through work experience in the grocery industry.

Both as a consumer and a professional, I am endlessly curious about ways to make our way of living increasingly responsible and sustainable. Working as a planning and process development specialist in the food industry sparked my interest in utilizing digitalization and big data to deal with future food chain challenges.

The world is full of fascinating things that I would love to explore if only there were more hours in the day. That is why I feel lucky to work at Gaia and to have the opportunity to learn and challenge myself intellectually in projects whose goals are in harmony with my personal values. My work constantly shows my clients and I that everyone wins through sustainable business."