Solveig Roschier
Leading Consultant

Sustainable business and business development, Innovation funding and policy, Foresight and strategy development, Research commercialization, startups, entrepreneurship, Human perspective in digital solutions, Industrial R&D, (Renewable) Energy technologies and the environment


+358 40 514 7875

"Solveig has extensive knowledge on innovation strategies and processes, including innovation funding, commercialization of research, industrial research and in general on the public-private interface. In her previous positions, Solveig has lead major research and development projects and funding programs in various technology development areas. She in an expert in creating business from research and more generally in the area of research impact.

Solveig has always worked in an international context. Besides assignments in various international committees and organizations, she has been doing research in Italy for the European Commission, and worked with science, technology and innovation foresight and strategy development in the USA at the Embassy of Finland in Washington DC.

Solveig has a doctorate in Physics Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology, present Aalto University, and made her dissertation on solar photovoltaic technologies. She is an expert on renewable energies and materials technologies."