Antti Pitkämäki
Senior Consultant

environmental management, waste management, environmental biology (soil ecology & biogeochemistry), environmental data analysis


+358 44 973 8086

"When I was a kid, I was very much interested in nature and saving the planet. I have also been very interested in science from very early on, so when the time came to decide what to study, Environmental Sciences was a natural choice for me. My studies took me to quite an adventure - all the way to a Russian tundra near the Urals, where I studied greenhouse gas fluxes for my Master's thesis.

The expertise I gained from Environmental Sciences has been very useful later in my life, for example when I worked as an environmental specialist for a large multinational company. I have managed environmental programs, developed recycling and waste management and carried out environmental training. I have seen how sustainable working methods result in cost savings through energy and material savings, and how properly arranged waste recycling greatly reduces waste management costs.

Now as a consultant in Gaia, I am working with projects related to bioeconomy, resource efficiency and environmental responsibility - so this is truly a dream job for me. I am enthusiastic about finding new ways to increase environmental performance and seeing the resulting benefits to a business, its stakeholders, and the environment.

Here at Gaia I still remember one thing that was important to me when I was a kid and when I was a young guy in a tundra bitten by millions of mosquitos - it's all about saving the planet."