Piia Pessala
Leading Consultant, Management Team

ecotoxicology, microbiology, biochemistry, evaluation, HSEQ, risk analysis and management


+358 400 982 042

“I have always wanted to do something concrete to help the environment cope with us humans. As a researcher, I found my way into the field of ecotoxicology, and my PhD focused on finding methods to identify and characterise toxicity causing components in treated waste waters that are directed into the environment.

Earlier on, my master’s thesis dealt with biological removal of wood extractives with the aim of reducing the amount of chemicals used in pulping and the amount of toxic extractives in the effluents.

As a Senior Consultant at Gaia, working especially with the risk management and chemical issues, I have the possibility to continue developing concrete means for environmental protection. The measures vary, depending on the client’s needs, for example, from developing methods for the oil & gas industry to help them choose more benign process chemicals, to supporting the evaluation and update of the Finnish National Programme of Dangerous Chemicals.”