Tea Miller
Senior Consultant

resource efficiency, bioeconomy, water footprint and LCA, biorefineries


+358 50 4630373

“I strive for a better future and grasp every opportunity for improvement whether they appear at work or elsewhere in life. At Gaia, I develop sustainable business practices which create economic, environmental and social value. Succeeding in these high-impact projects requires encouraging atmosphere and a great team – and I have them both.

Putting it simply, I am interested in the world. I aim to understand how this planet works and how human activities contribute to its functioning. Global population growth and increasing demand for natural resources force to re-think the relationship between resources, growth and responsibility. My ambition is to tackle these challenges and help Gaia’s clients to adapt to the resource efficiency related changes in business.

Prior to joining Gaia’s team, I worked awhile in South America with water and environmental management. I have been surprised about the similarities of resource efficiency projects I have been involved in the both continents. I consider this inspiring – willingness to make the world safer and cleaner is global."