Teresa Lindholm
Senior Consultant

environmental biology, ecology, water, water footprint assessment, nutrient flows, life-cycle assessment, sustainable development, GIS


+358 50 378 0313

Small miracles, such as watching a planted seed evolve to a full grown crop and food waste compost into soil, initiated my interest for biology already at an early age. This fascination finally drove me to study environmental biology and work as a field biologist. During work in the field my insights into practical biology increased, but so did my yearning to learn more about complex environmental problems which to a larger extent require also an understanding of the social context. The next logical step was a degree in Sustainability Science, providing essential knowledge and tools for analyzing the web of interactions between natural resources and social systems.

Gaia is an excellent workplace, which grants the possibility to use the toolkit I have collected. Experience from studies and work abroad, as well as work in academia, the public and private sector, as well as an NGO, tie together in the work I do today.

Through combining and producing data in innovative ways we can create a better understanding of the environmental and social issues our clients are facing. The goal is to aid clients in making more responsible and at the same time profitable choices – this is my way of contributing to sustain the small miracles.