Sami Lankiniemi
Senior Consultant

Sustainability Communications, Stakeholder Analysis and Management, Stakeholder Communication, Co-creation, Collaborative policy-making processes, Digital Marketing, Green building practices and sustainability development, PropTech


+358 40 7662263

A more sustainable, cleaner and all-around better world. My whole career has been built around this goal and it motivates me every single day. Whether thinking about the built environment, consumer goods and services or brands and communications, responsibility brings added value that needs to be utilized thoroughly, at all organizational levels and along the supply and value chains.

Working with Gaia inspires constantly, as I'm surrounded by top sustainability experts from various fields. This motivated team provides me with the best possible background for my own strengths, as all business, product and service development, communications as well as marketing must be based on a sustainable foundation. Only this allows us to solve the most important challenges in the world.