Minna Kuusisto
Senior Consultant

Economics and financial markets, Development finance, Blended finance, Climate finance, Responsible investments, Impact investing, Green bonds, Risk management, Monetary policy and central banks, Systemic risks


+358 44 260 9979

I think the year was 2001. The school auditorium was full, and the UN millennium development goals were presented to us. Each of us received a white wristband saying “no poverty”. The band was on my wrist for maybe a year or so, but the thought was there to stay.

I have a passion for sustainable development. The millennium development goals have been replaced by the sustainable development goals which are even more ambitious. Because of my background in the financial sector, I am especially interested in how to finance the SDGs. It is a major challenge, but at the same time, it is also a great opportunity!

Working at Gaia is a constant process of learning, innovating and creating. Although building a better world is serious business, the work does not have to be. At Gaia, challenges are met with positive spirit.