Venla Kontiokari

Environmental chemistry, Ecotoxicology, Environmental impact of chemicals, Risk assessment & management



"As a child I learned that nature is amazing, complex and diverse. Later on, I became interested in chemistry. Thus, I found myself studying environmental changes caused by humans – from the minor scale of soil pollution caused by a wood impregnation facility to the global scale of climate change. I did my Master’s Thesis in the field of ecotoxicology, which then led me to work with environmental risk assessment concerning plant protection products in Finnish governmental administration.

At Gaia I can combine my expertise in environmental risks and chemistry with the company’s aim to generate sustainable choices in business. Gaia has an innovative working atmosphere, which motivates to look for the best solutions to achieve sustainable development. At Gaia I can make a difference, aiming for a cleaner world and a safer society. I am glad to be able to work for making the environmental footprint of humanity gradually smaller, and its handprint gradually bigger."