Markus Klimscheffskij
Senior Consultant

Energy, Electricity market, Climate, Policy, Sustainable business, Financial and Economic modelling, Supply-Chains and logistics, Carbon accounting


+358 44 587 7788

"Before coming to Gaia, I had been working with renewable energy and electricity markets for 6 years. The environment is where I want to put my work effort in and being at Gaia lets me do that big time. My study background is in industrial engineering, energy and economics, which gives me tools to see the financial realities while using analytical and computational tools in solving sustainability issues.

We owe everything to the environment. It’s a pity that we don’t often realize that our biggest debt comes from the nature and not from creditors. I believe in sustainable business in every aspect and that the financial, social and environmental sides are often mutually enforcing in the long run. Working with clients, solving problems and seeing the big picture is what I most enjoy!"