Olli Jalonen

Supply chain management and analytics, Logistics strategy and networks, Business process design, Product life cycle management, Energy efficiency and markets, Risk assessment, Emission analyses


+358 45 267 9313

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the natural world around us. Perhaps as a consequence, my background combines studies in both engineering and environmental sciences, and thus on a personal level an engineer’s interest in getting systems to work together as a coherent whole with a biologist’s fascination ranging from habitats to individual organisms.

Prior I’ve worked in research and management consulting, mostly with topics in supply chain management, procurement, energy efficiency and product life cycle management. Working at Gaia enables focusing even more intensely on how various economic actors can work more efficiently to reduce the negative impacts, towards a cleaner world and healthier ecosystems. Every day brings possibilities to combine knowledge from different scientific fields and develop myself as a versatile expert.