Ulla Heinonen
Managing Director, Partner

strategies and business concepts, business development, innovation process, corporate responsibility, climate, water resources management, digitalization


+358 40 550 6982

"In the last 15 years, I have been working in research, continuing education, consultancy and business development. I have experience from working in and with universities, international organizations and companies from multiple industries. My career path has been extremely interesting and I have been able to participate in amazing projects from grassroots to corporate level in both developed and developing countries.

One thing that is common in most of the projects that I have been taking part, is sustainability - aiming towards environmentally and socially sound as well as financially sustainable results. I have carried these values since my childhood when I realized that human activities have an impact on nature and ecosystems.

I believe that we can reach sustainable development by integrating sustainability and innovation thinking in business development. We also need to use the possibilities that the digitalization has to offer. In Gaia, we innovate concrete solutions for sustainability and develop new business opportunities for our clients. How do we succeed in this? Working closely with our clients and bringing various experts on the team – sustainability, industry knowledge, service design and communications."