Marika Bröckl
Senior Consultant

energy markets, renewable energy and efficiency, innovation, evaluation, business development, e-services, retail market, sustainability, business concepts


+358 40 5224644

“My experience includes working with market related research, business development, and management, especially within the energy sector. Working with diverse questions, from trading and risk management to partnership development, branding, and sales and product development is extremely interesting. Having had the possibility to participate in starting up a new business has also given me insight to what is required for innovation and entrepreneurship.

At Gaia, I get to work with many interesting issues and great clients. I can contribute to a more sustainable future through the work we do with our clients. Our collaboration with our customers often deals with sustainability issues or using resources more efficiently, often in indirect ways. Gaia’s values are very much like my own, which means that the work gives me positive energy, which I feel is important and makes working feel especially worthwhile.”