Jonas Alam
Senior Consultant

financial and economic analysis, financial modeling, development of business scenarios, design of sustainable business strategies, strategic analysis and planning, business process development, benchmarking


+358 50 326 8227

"I am an analytical person who has been keen to understand how the world works since my childhood. When I went to high school, I was surprised to discover how we treat the environment and human rights. Since then, I have shared the universal humane desire to make the world a better place for us and our children. I believe that business decision making is an important part of the solution. Thus, I’ve worked as a management consultant for a couple of years, and have got a broad view about business management across industries. I feel really good about using those skills at Gaia for contributing to the common welfare.

Sharing Gaia’s values has a profound meaning for me. As I am keen to understand how people and societies work, it is really refreshing to work with such multi-dimensional experts in an international setup. Gaia’s fact based approach also makes me excited as I love numerical modeling and analysis."