Jatta Aho
Senior Consultant

chemistry, environmental chemistry, sustainable chemical management, health and safety management, risk management, transport of dangerous goods, carbon footprint and LCA, REACH and other chemical legislation, resource efficiency


+358 50 540 9848

“During my PhD studies at the Helsinki University of Technology, I studied the total synthesis of a toxic macrocycle, which could potentially be used in cancer treatment. Daily work in a laboratory handling variety of chemicals sparked my interest towards risk management and health, safety and environment (HSE) in general.

Chemicals are all around us, and while chemistry makes our lives easier and better, chemicals may also present severe risks to human health and the environment.

One of the most motivating aspects of my work is the possibility to work together with clients in finding new solutions for managing these risks and making our planet safer and cleaner. From my perspective, a rewarding and pleasant work gives you opportunities to exercise creativity and ingenuity. At Gaia, you really get to be creative on a daily basis and have some fun while you are at it.”