Circular economy is a trillion-dollar opportunity

Circular economy can stop unnecessary exploitation of global resources and it can transform our current ways of living more sustainable. At the same time, closing the loop can make the business bloom.

New report: Cooperative climate initiatives have major global mitigation, adaptation and finance impacts

Our new report with NewClimate Institute highlights Nordic opportunities to provide leadership in the Global Climate Action Agenda. The study identified in total some 300 international cooperative initiatives and filtered out 7 initiatives with particular interest from a Nordic perspective, covering both adaptation, mitigation as well as means of implementation initiatives.

Katriina Juntunen joins Gaia’s Board of Directors

The year 2018 was important and successful for Gaia. In addition to reforming the organization, Gaia had more than 200 customers and business consulting grew strongly. In 2019, Gaia is more robust and ready for growth. Katriina Juntunen brings along particular expertise in change management. This enables Gaia to further increase the impact of its services.

Paula Tommila starts as Senior Advisor

Sustainable business consulting in the emerging markets is one of the growing business areas of Gaia. Population growth, urbanization and climate change are paramount challenges and require quick scale up of sustainable solutions to generation of income opportunities, clean energy, water, food and safe infrastructure.