Know your electricity

A growing number of consumers – companies and households – wants to know more about the sustainability aspects of electricity. Guarantees of Origin offer a tradable, transparent and reliable tool to track electricity production from power source to the consumers, says Gaia's report for Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy.

District heating with solar thermal energy becoming competitive (in Finnish)

Suurilla aurinkolämpöjärjestelmillä voidaan tuottaa tehokkaasti kaukolämpöä myös Suomessa, Gaian Energiateollisuus ry:lle tekemä uusi selvitys osoittaa.

Insurance companies and environmental policy actors can reduce risks together

Interaction between insurance companies and the environmental policy sector has clear benefits to offer for both parties and helps to manage environmental risks, shows a new study conducted by Gaia.

Forestcluster Ltd towards bio-based economy

Gaia helps Forestcluster Ltd to identify the future winning concepts of global bio-based economy, a sector with remarkable business and sustainability potential.

Finnish authorities improve their energy efficiency – Gaia calculated Trafi’s carbon footprint (in Finnish)

Liikenteen turvallisuusvirasto Trafi voi Gaian kehittämän laskentamallin ja mittareiden avulla jatkossa suunnitella ja seurata ilmastovaikutuksiaan.

European experts contributed to global sustainability challenges

The Rio +20 Regional Workshop for Europe organised in Finland addressed the need for concrete sustainability targets and the role of experts in developing knowledge on sustainable development.

Making Innovation Happen for a Sustainable World

The European Future Energy Forum 2011, held 10 – 12 October in Geneva, Switzerland brought more than 2000 attendees from around the world. At the conference, Gaia facilitated a very successful panel session on financial success of innovative business models triggering green economy.

Bio-based economy has great future potential for society and business

Sustainable future can be created through distributed bio-based economy, shows a new scenario report compiled by Gaia for Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund.

From MSC-certified herrings to motivated personnel – Felix Abba’s new corporate responsibility programme covers the whole production chain

Close co-operation with local farmers and careful integration into corporate strategy and processes are characteristic of Felix Abba’s comprehensive CR programme, developed together with Gaia. The company brings the responsibility principles into action for example through using environmentally sound MSC-certified* herrings in their products.

Gaia participates in the first remote working day in Finland

Remote working generates positive environmental and economic impacts through avoided transportation emissions and unnecessary travelling.

Mitigation of carbon emissions and adapting to climate change increase the needs for engineering solutions (in Finnish)

Ilmastomyönteisten ratkaisujen tarve lisää insinööriosaamisen kysyntää ja kasvattaa insinöörien yhteiskunnallista vaikuttavuutta, todetaan uudessa Insinöörien ilmasto-ohjelmassa.

Carbon management for affordable renewable energy - A pioneering partnership starts in Ethiopia

Gaia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with an Ethiopian based company 4R Energy Plc™ to develop a renewable energy solution in Ethiopia on biomethane production and utilization.

Gaia promotes sustainable mining in Central Asia

The new project finds ways to reduce environmental and social hazards of mining, one of the most rapidly growing economic sectors in Central Asia.

Gaia facilitates discussion on green business models at the European Future Energy Forum 2011

The growing interest to reduce the use of fossil and non-renewable fuels, will open new business opportunities and drive sustainable and innovative solutions.

The Baltic Sea Pavilion promotes Baltic Sea protection in the biggest sailing competition ever organised in Finland

Gaia and other leading experts of Baltic Sea protection provide solutions and inspiration for a cleaner and safer Baltic Sea in Helsinki.

Biocarbon makes headway in China

Increasing use of coal and rapidly growing traffic pose challenges to Chinese plans to curb emissions.

Carbon Neutral Gaia

Climate neutrality is part of Gaia’s strategy. It was achieved again in 2010. Moreover, our climate policy brought climate and economic benefits.

One Billion Indonesia – Norway Partnership to conserve tropical rainforests and reduce GHG emissions makes progress

Gaia in cooperation with UK-based Creatura Ltd has completed the evaluation of progress and deliverables by the Indonesia–Norway REDD+ Partnership, which is being supported by the Government of Norway’s Climate and Forest Initiative.

New book bites into the impacts and solutions of climate change

Low-carbon operation is becoming the corner stone of profitable business development, writes Gaia’s Chairman of the Board Pasi Rinne, in a book published today.

A new Gaia study: Carbon markets reform to accelerate global emission reduction measures

New market mechanism initiatives, such as enhanced project-based mechanisms, sector-based crediting mechanisms or various emission trading schemes could help in removing existing bottlenecks on international carbon markets, shows an analysis made by a consortium led by Gaia.

Sustainable urban planning crucial for low-carbon and cost-effective building (in Finnish)

Gaian asiantuntijat auttavat suunnittelemaan Helsingin Östersundomiin energiatehokasta ja ilmaston kannalta kestävää asuinaluetta.

Responding to Climate Change – A Development Opportunity for Ethiopia

Gaia, in cooperation with the World Bank, World Vision and the government of Ethiopia, organizes a workshop in Addis Abeba on 28.–30.3.2011 on Carbon Financing & Climate Change Adaptation.

Fiblon Oy shows how sustainability is part of the successful business of small-medium sized enterprises

Fiblon, a family-run company with 30 employees, developed its corporate responsibility in an ambitious yet straight-forward collaboration project.

Flagship Partnership for REDD+

Gaia in cooperation with Creatura has been assigned to evaluate the progress made by the Norway–Indonesia REDD+ Partnership in laying the institutional and legal groundwork for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation of natural forests and peat lands in the most species-rich country on Earth.

Elisa became the first operator to publish calculations on emission reductions achieved with its services

The leading Nordic communications services provider Elisa, Gaia’s client, published today its calculations showing a great emission reduction potential of the ICT sector.

Gaia to step up its global business development – Alain Schilli to lead Gaia Global in Switzerland

Gaia Group, a leading provider of sustainability solutions for corporations and institutions worldwide, is stepping up its operations by hiring Alain Schilli to head company’s operations in Switzerland.

Finn Spring launched the first Finnish carbon-neutral soft drink (in Finnish)

Gaia laski Suomen suurimman lähdeveden pullottajan hiilijalanjäljen ja auttoi Finn Springiä kehittämään ympäristövastuullisuuttaan.

Veikkaus will diminish its carbon footprint by a third (in Finnish)

Gaian asiakas Veikkaus on sitoutunut vähentämään hiilidioksidipäästöjään 35 prosenttia vuoden 2009 tasosta vuoden 2013 loppuun mennessä.