SYKE Evaluation Panel gained an insight of Finnish environmental policy and research

As a part of the evaluation process of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) a series of meetings were conducted in Helsinki to provide the international evaluation panel an insight of Finnish environmental policy and research.

Gaia as a partner in the Finnish TV production Operaatio Maa (in Finnish)

Operaatio Maan hiilijalanjälki on 99,3 tonnia.

Benefits of climate policies can be maximised through efficient policy instruments (in Finnish)

Tehokkaalla ilmastopolitiikalla pystytään päästövähennysten lisäksi saavuttamaan myös huomattavia hyötyjä. Gaian Valtioneuvoston kanslialle laatimassa Tehokas ilmastopolitiikka -raportissa on selvitetty ohjauskeinojen kustannustehokkuutta.

Gaia develops a unique tool for overall costing of operative consequences and HSE risks for oilfield chemicals

Gaia has developed a new management tool, BrineWise™ for assessing the overall cost consequences of using oil well construction fluids on behalf of Cabot Specialty Fluids. The BrineWise™ tool combines economic and risk management approaches with chemical hazard assessment in an easy to use format.

Gaia develops renewable energy use in Chinese countryside (in Finnish)

Gaia Group laajentaa liiketoimintaansa Kiinaan.

We can avoid the worst risks of Climate Change

What will a low-carbon future look like for Finland? Gaia’s well-explained and concise review of international and national climate scenarios was launched on the 25th of August 2008. The review presents the need for dramatic global emission reductions and guides climate policy formulation to avoid the worst climate risks.

Notable emission and energy savings through energy efficiency

Gaia has produced a report that estimates the potential savings in energy use. According to the report findings, electricity could be saved through decisive energy efficiency measures by up to 20% (20 TWh) in Finland by 2020. Savings in heating energy could be almost 50% (30 TWh).