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The aim of the Zero Emissions Day is to give the planet a day off from fossil fuel use and focus attention to harmful emissions. Today, the Climate Leadership Council member organizations are organizing climate action and campaigning with their customers, employees and other stakeholders and cooperating with schools for carbon neutrality.
So, here’s what have we learned so far: We have recognized the massive SDG funding gap. We know there are investors hunting for yield and hungry for impact. We also know there is an aid community fiercely working for a better and more equal world, simultaneously stunned by the fact that their efforts alone will not be enough. What do we need to bridge the gap?
Gaia ja Ellun Kanat tuottavat yhdessä asiakkaille vaikuttavampaa vastuullisuutta ja parempaa liiketoimintaa. Tarkoituksena on nostaa vastuullisuutta yhä vahvemmin esille brändin muokkaamisessa, yritysviestinnässä sekä markkinoinnissa.
Our international business manager Paula Tommila will be touring southern and eastern Africa for the rest of the year. We are sad to see her leave, but as a parting gift, she has promised to write a series of blogs about her travels through the new African landscapes of entrepreneurship.
There is enough money in the world to achieve the SDGs. Not saying the aid community is powerless, we still need a new hero to achieve the SDGs. And guess what? We already have one. The challenge for the new hero is to put their money where their mouth is.
Achieving the SDGs and limiting the global warming to well below 2°C require enormous effort. More importantly, it requires a lot of money. In developing countries only, new investments worth 2.5 trillion USD are needed on an annual basis every year until 2030 to achieve the sustainable development goals. That is, on top of what is already invested. How could we close this funding gap?
Gaia Consulting Oy arvioi AA Sakatti Mining Oy:n toimeksiannosta 2030-luvulla mahdollisesti toteutettavan kaivoshankkeen aluetaloudellisia vaikutuksia osana hankkeen ympäristövaikutusten arviointia (YVA). Gaian selvistystyössä havainnollistetaan Sakatin kaivoshankkeen toteuttamisen tai toteuttamatta jättämisen taloudellisia vaikutuksia Sodankylässä (kuntatalous, yritykset, palkansaajat) sekä muualla Lapissa ja Suomessa laajemmin.
Interest towards bioeconomy and bio-based materials has recently increased enormously due to the global discussion concerning problems caused by the use of plastics. A recent study by Business Finland and Gaia Consulting analysed the value chain and possible innovation development pathways of cellulose-based bioproducts and biocomposites replacing plastics. The bioplastic market, especially drop-in-biopolymers, is estimated to reach 3,4 billion euros in 2020.

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